So suggests that everyone’s first post should be titled,”Hello World”. So basically, the staff wants us to introduce ourselves and our mantra’s to the cyberworld in a coming-out-of-the-perverbial-blog closet sort of stance. Yeah, I’m not feeling it. I’m honestly not sure what I will write about on a day-to-day or by weekly basis. Do I have opinions on everything? Well yes of course! Those who say they don’t are either living in a Puritan society or are too numb to mass media to make statements of any credibility. Naturally, I’m easily amused and equally distracted*steps away from computer to check her latest tweet.* Now I do plan on writing product reviews ranging from lip gloss to literature to vibrators, to…Ok maybe not sex toys but I like to keep things interesting. Still awake?

The site also suggests I write short stories that end in sentences like,”If I had gone back in time and taken Dr. Johnson’s advice would I still be here?” Great idea for a highschool creative writing class but unless I want a career in soap opera writing I don’t think my motives are to bore myself and you. Okay now I’m torn between actually writing a blog post or just contemplating what Dr. Johnson’s advice was…Maybe something serious like a rare blood condition, or maybe, just maybe he knew how much redbull, caffeine, and taurine I consume on a daily basis and advised me to cut it out…cold turkey. *gasps* Well Dr. Johnson I am not taking your advice! Ha! Okay…maybe I should lay off the caffeine a little as it is 1am and I am wide awake. Oh, or  perhaps I shall go all green tea cleanse on his ass and naturally caffeinate myself. I could always go on a detox, and I could blog about that…hmmm