Pumpkins, photographed in Canada.

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  Now I’m sure we’re all well familiar with the phrase,”You can never have too much of a good thing.” I’m also sure that I could make a lengthy list of things that would fall on either side of this debate but I will just cut to the chase…when it comes to the holidays and pre-holiday season I feel like I enter a everything-you-eat-and breath-is-pumkin for three-months phase! The reality is you can most certainly have too much of this beloved squash/gourd and it’s friends! It’s friends I am referring to are the other over-played holiday flavors of: gingerbread, cinnamon spice, and *gasp* eggnog.

  Allow me to back-peddle, last month I strolled into Starbucks (still fresh off the treat receipt days of summer) only to cringe in disbelief to already see advertisements all over the store blaring the return of the oh so allusive pumpkin spice flavor. As I went to order my usual overpriced espresso beverage the barista behind the counter informed me that the pumpkin drinks had arrived ( gee, I hadn’t noticed). She than tried to convince me to try a sample of the pumpkin spiced frappuccino. After I informed her that I was not a pumpkin fan she told me,” Oh everyone likes the pumpkin frap it tastes like Chai!” Now there are two things I hate in this world, okay that’s a lie I loath several things, but frappaccinos and artificial pumpkin are at the topish of the list! Clearly Starbucks knows what its consumers like but it doesn’t stop there: Trader joes sells pumpkin pancake mix, Jamba juice has a pumpkin smoothie, and the pumpkin boutique cupcake is evidently the new black! Don’t even get my started on Bath&Body Works pumpkin scented lotions!

   Okay so I don’t hate pumpkins (although I do think eggnog is completely gagworthy and if I were forced to drink it at gunpoint I might need a moment to prepare a will). I just wish my favorite yogurtland flavors weren’t replaced with  it and that every candle isle didn’t reek of it. The smell of pumpkin reminds me that the holidays are coming and that consumer Americas end of the year buying scam is upon us, and I for one may just not be ready…I love the holidays, but just one dose at a time, please.