There’s just no way to glamorous or justify it – I have a Target addiction. I’ve actually always had somewhat of a Target addiction but as of late it has gotten worse. Here’s the problem with Target: They entice you with ads and comparable prices and then lure you in with designer specials, isle sale items, and a Starbucks by the entrance! It is nearly impossible to run into Target just to grab a few things.And literally everywhere you go there’s a freakin Target!  In a typical weeks time I frequent Target 2-4 times and I usually go with a list in mind. But with so many shiny objects and gadgets that a 5 minute trip for a nail file and black socks turns into an hour-plus $80-later sort of trip! Ever since I opened my Target debit card with instant 5% savings it has made the whole justification process even more of an issue. Don’t even get me started on online shopping, I might need a pace maker to open that box of bliss!

   The tip of the perverbial iceburg was recent the Missoni for Target launch. I actually stayed up until 3 am to start online shopping and by 7:45 am I found myself outside of a super Target, waiting for the doors to open.( I was surrounded  by some pretty intense post-botox soccer moms clutching various carts and wearing running shoes…I bet they moonlight as extreme couponers,also) What makes matters worse was that I actually had three girlfriends at different Targets all trying to help me and themselves get the entire collection. Ironically, with the money I spent on the bullseyes budget Missoni I could have bought an authentic Missoni piece. I’ll save that scenario for my therapist.

  So for the sake of my wallet and my sanity I’ve devised a few rules for myself and for all other Target addicts out there:

1. Always make a list of what you need and stick to it! If you see something fabulous along the way, (which you will since every Target is arranged so the stuff you need is miles apart) don’t nab it unless it is such an amazing deal that you get paid to buy it…

2. Unless you are actually going to Target with the intent to purchase a tv or a dresser, don’t grab a cart. psychologically,  we want to fill am empty cart just like we want to fill our souls…Ok not that deep, but you get my dramatic point,right? I tend to now only buy what I can carry. If stuff is starting to fall out of my arms it just wasn’t meant to be.

3. Try the buddy system. Bring a friend, sibling, or significant other with you (bonus points if you have a screaming baby). Let this trusted person keep you on track.

4. Bottom line: If you don’t need Target brand bath tissue with a baby cherub on the box or the complete box set of Grey’s Anatomy, don’t by it. All of these little purchases add up.  

  Okay so I don’t have a 12-step program lined up quite yet…but it’s a nice thought. As I write this I stare at the heaps of target bags by my door and I’m thinking it’s time to go on a returning binge. Sounds somewhat extreme, sure, but it is much healthier than the alternative – exchanging!