Whenever I turn on the tv these days I see the same super annoying commercial, again and again and again! It drives me nuts and makes me really wonder who pitches the ideas over at Yoplait and how crappy were the other ideas if this is what they went with…This is how the said ad goes: Two 30-something girlfriends are ordering at a local coffee shop. The first girl, a healthy-looking cute blonde, orders a 310 calorie latte and the other chick, an anorexic scarecrow of a girl, orders a 400+ calorie decaf coffee beverage.( Now I don’t understand why anyone would waist 400+ calories on a DECAF beverage but that’s another rant in and of itself.) Immediately after ordering her hot cup of calories the skinny betch looks down at the snack shelf and is enlightened by a Yoplait yogurt and decides to get it instead. She than looks confident at the wise and “healthy” choice she made and her friend feels like crap.
Okay so this bothers me for multiple reasons…Why would Yoplait cast a toothpick of a woman to advertise making healthy choices? Had the normal sized girl made the same “healthy” decision to get a yogurt and save calories we still would have mocked the commercial but applauded her wiser choice. But because they hired Kate Moss’ friend, I always root for her to advert away from the yogurt and pick a sandwich or a croissant! Also, last time I checked Yoplait wasn’t healthy. In fact, the average Yoplait cup of yummy contains more sugar than a candy bar and the light version is loaded with artificial sweeteners. Not the healthiest choice, huh? If she was really weight conscious she would have ordered a nonfat or skinny coffee beverage and with some caffeine to pump her little bod with some energy! She also shouldn’t choose breakfast or coffee, choose both, you’re hungry!
Sure, it’s a lot tougher to order a fancy frapp or lattee when the calories are posted for all to see and judge. If you really want to splurge on that caramel macchiato delight every now and than go for it, hopefully the Yoplait betch won’t be there to judge. Also, I’m going to apply for a few jobs in advertising and casting because my ideas are so much better than this…I’m thinking tap-dancing penguins flinging yogurt, brilliant.